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I've been living with my girl for the last six years, and she plays even more retro games than I do, and I play heaps. Together we have turned our garage into the ultimate low-budget retro games room. She even has her statue of The Doctor's robot dog K-9 sitting above the games room TV. We've collected heaps of consoles and Amigas together, and plenty of games for all those systems. Right now, she's playing Kid Chameleon for the Mega Drive. But apart from playing games, she's really keen on making her own retro style games for the Amiga.

We pretty much do everything together and share the same interests, we never get bored, and we love each other forever. She's always encouraging and enthusiastic when I come up with new Amiga ideas, and she really wants to make the Amiga more girl-friendly so she can make more friends who like Amigas too.

I have no idea what I did to get so lucky, but my life was pretty shitty up until I met her. I've had depression most of my life, but these years I've spent with her have been my happiest ever. She doesn't care for shopping, and has a closet full of comic books rather than shoes.

Sorry if it looks like I'm showing off, I have no excuse other than I'm just being honest, and I hope anyone else out there still looking for their perfect girl finds her too.
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