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The permissions are set correctly on the EasyNet CD so this is a problem with the transfer method to get the files across to the Amiga. This explains why settings were not being saved correctly. Try resaving all settings now that you have enabled write permissions.

Gateway should be set to no.
Yep I thought it might be something like that. I haven't a CDROM attached to my Miggy so I have to use WINUAE with my Amiga's HD mounted to install the software. This means that when I run the install program it cannot connect to register the software (because my PC obviously doesn't have a PCMCIA card), I'm not sure if this is part of my problem.

I'll try a reinstall and I'll also try it with the Gateway option (under TCPIP) settings set to no.

Any idea why it cannot see the settings log from the help menu? Does that also point to a problem with the install?

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