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Here are some classic soundbites from blogs and forums about it.

From The Null Device....

With the unabashedly 133t name of "Retr0brite" (or perhaps "Retr0bright".....)

From Reddit....

I wonder if it works on Grandmas?
The yellow staining on your Grandmother has little to do with the existence of plastic, but more to do with the lack of it.


Hah! Now I can pawn my old computers off as new!


Think of it as "designer chemistry"


Commodore restoration! I bow.


I can’t tell you how eternally useful this will be, I’ve wanted to restore that snes for years, and no site has offered anything short of destroying the plastic..

This is like something off an Anarchy BBS from the 80’s. Or the scene in the motel in Terminator when they start making pipe bombs.

I am pissing myself laughing here.....
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