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That's why something like a PS3 port would make the most sense. Given that Linux runs just fine on the PS3, and that Hyperion says they've got a non-public version AOS4 running on the PS3 as well, having a PS3 version seems like a no-brainer. Packaged with a few key programs like OWB, AmigaWriter (which works fine in emulation mode) and Art Effect 4 (ditto), the pacakage would outperform PS3 Linux, be easier to use and more useful. It would sell like crazy and Amiga would rise again as THE 3rd part OS for the PS3. But Amiga Inc is too scared to let Hyperion make the release.

Heck, since AmigaOS is closed source, Sony might even grant the devs access to the 3D hardware, unlike the Linux devs who only get a virtualized 2D framebuffer to work with.
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