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When Commodore Inc. went under, in order to pay their debts, all assets were auctioned off. It would have made a lot of sense for Commodore UK to buy those assets (such as the patents, rights etc) since they already had the offices, employees, inventory etc etc that were essentially Commodore in that part of the world. But, survival of the Amiga wasn't a priority, but paying off the bankruptcy was and Escom just had more money.

This is also what had Amiga users in the US so pissed off. From reading from the people working there on Usenet, it was clear that the majority owners (I think there were two or three that had the controlling stock) were just waiting for it to die and write it all off their taxes. There was no marketing, nothing. As an example -- we didn't have games bundled with the Amiga, we had Amiga Vision bundled. (At least when I bought my 500.)

And as an example of the owners actually going out of their way to kill Commodore -- when there was a stock meeting, and some enthusiasts did own voting stock, they were held in the Bahamas or something -- as a vacation for them, and also to dissuade people with voting stock because it would be a lot more expensive than, say, a trip to Pennsylvania (where the headquarters were, and a logical choice if they had any intention of Commodore surviving).
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