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Re: Hmmmmm....

Originally posted by Galahad/FLT
1). The blitter is the same speed in the A12oo as the A5oo
I always read it had a faster blitter. Damned magazine liars! Thanks for clearing it up!

3). Sound channels are clearer, and if you remove one of the sound leads from its socket, all channels will be played through the other connected socket.
The A600 does the "remove one lead and we get mono" thing, too.

whilst one of you is correct in saying ECS 32 colours AGA 256, the fact is most A5oo games used a lot more than that via the copper.
I think they meant that the games would use the 32 color mode and on AGA, the 256 color mode. which I dont think it ever happened either, they used the copper for the colors and stuff, but generally they would use a 16 colro screen on the A500, and a 64 color screen on the AGA machine. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I think the 256 mode was too slow for games (look at Simcity :P)
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