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Readers wives

So what do your wives / partners / girlfriends think of your retro hobby ?

Do they enjoy the scene as much as you ? ...or - ( Like my wife does ) think you are a sad weirdo who needs to get a grip and live in the present and stop playing with old crappy C64`s and Amiga thingies !!

My wife does not get it - we have a Wii, Xbox and Ps3 in our house, but I am only interested in messing with my Retro stuff.
I have converted the garage into a play room for the kids ( yeah right ! ) and have my commodores, gamecube and a speccy 128 set up on a nice big TV, I dissapear into there whenever I can, but I just can`t get the wife in there - no way ! By the way I`m 38 and grew up with commodores.

I call it a passion - my wife calls it a mid-life crisis !!
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