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Ian is basically right about Ham-8 mode, it allows you to display 262144 (out of a palette of 16777216 colours) different colours on screen at once.

It worked by employing a hardware trick where the colour registers were altered slightly in each pixel to the one next to it, this theoretically allowed all these colours, but it was useless for anything other than still pictures due to mainly to the amount of power required to shift the screens quickly (each pixel had to be updated individually) also because each pixel register is changed slightly if there was high conrast between the two colours you would get banding (makes a mess).

Other advantages of the AGA chipsets are as others have said higher resolutions, bigger sprites (upto 64 pixels wide and as tall as memory permits) the ability to display more sprites on screen at once, moving gfx memory around quicker.

Hope this is helpful
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