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A1200:EasyNet Wireless setup woes


Not having much luck with EasyNet installed on a clean OS 3.9.

Wed Mar 04 21:52:34 2009 [note ]: NetDB(netdb-myhost) line 2: Syntax error before col 7
Wed Mar 04 21:52:35 2009 [warn ]: netdb: WITH file netdb-myhost: Syntax error
Wed Mar 04 21:52:35 2009 [note ]: NetDB(AmiTCP:db/netdb) line 15: Syntax error before col 18
Wed Mar 04 21:52:35 2009 [warn ]: init_netdb: file AmiTCP:db/netdb: Syntax error
AMITCP port found
object not found
It gives the above error even if the Wireless PCMCIA card isn't installed so it's more like the software hasn't be installed correctly?

Anyone got any ideas?

More info:

I'm using version 0.170 of EasyNet.

I've just noticed that the TCP/IP settings are wrong (Gateway is set to disabled) but if you make changes and save it seems to forget them?

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