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Amiga my short story...

When I was about 10 or so (21 years ago) I met a friend and he came over to my house. I had just got a Genesis system and some games. He told me how much it sucked. "These graphics just suck man" So we promptly went to his house. Where he had a nice A1200. I was amazed at the graphics and how it could present demos, play music ect. I did what any kid would do, go home and beg Mom and Dad for a new Amiga. Of course it never happened. I got to play on his a lot until he moved away. I wouldn't see another Amiga for years. My parents eventually got me an IBM 486SX 20 and I learned PC from then on in. Then on day at a new friends house (collector) I see 2 Amiga's. OMG no way and then I knew I needed to get one. I was old enough to have a job why not get an Amiga. He then said he would trade me for my PS1. So I got an A1000. Which I would eventually give up on learning and trade for a 386 DX40 to run my BBS on. More Years Pass and while at a friend house I see in a Closet an A1200. OMG it the one I really wanted the first time. Well Needless to say we traded and I went home with the right computer this time. I would toy with it for hours. I slowly learned they ways of Amiga. Until the HD died. No internet forums were available back then to help and I didn't know about the local Amiga Store still existing (which still does today) I would store the Amiga until about 3 months ago. I bought a house and the wife says I can have the whole basement at a lab. So I set up a special area for the Amiga and through forums and friends I discover every thing I would need to get this baby back up and running again. Now I have every thing I ever wanted in my Amiga and learning more daily. I only wish that Com Amiga would have invested more in Networking and communication. They might have sold to more businesses and IBM would have been the one to go MIA. Alas I have defenetly these last 3 months become and Amigian and though I will never give up my love for PC's I defenetly won't give up that A1200 either.
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