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Originally Posted by ennio View Post
Do you ever find that you retro-game, not necessarily because of the game itself, but because it brings you back to a certain time in your life?
Yes and no.
When I want myself brings back to certain time in my life (we are talking about gaming now) I read old magazines.
I play old games because I like them. Its like watching old Disney movies, they are still popular for some reason, they are ancient when you compare them to modern animated movies but they are different, they have something you cant find somewhere else. Same for old games. I am not interested in games which are releasing now but how many classic 2D arcades or beatem ups were released in last few years? None, one, two?
What about classic dungeon games? Adventures? Some genres are dead.
I remember I played only few games on coinup machines as a kid, I play them a lot now because they are great. They cant bring me back anywhere because I played them around 2003 or 2004 for the first time.
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