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Computer games as opposed to TV/Music/Film

I was wondering, why the vast majority of gamers, do not replay older games? Most people would never play Metal Gear Solid again after finishing it in the 90s simply because their are technologically superior games available. Although they may have enjoyed WizKid, they will choose never to play it again.

However, with other entertainment forms such as music, television and film. Older pieces are watched or listened to over and over again. Although old television sitcoms are basic with crappy looking sets, they still get a ton of re-runs.

I know that my Brother and friends would NEVER play a game that wasn't current gen or maybe only a few years behind, which I struggle to understand. If you enjoyed a game in the past, why can you not experiance it again? Why is it any different to similar media forms?

Of course there is a huge emu community and people do still play their old titles but that is only a small percentage of gamers.

What do you guys think?
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