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Originally Posted by leytond View Post
ill tell ya what, ill do a swap for the best amiga offerd for my pc, here is what is in it,

asus-p5q deluxe main board.
4 gig ddr2 ram
pci express nvidia 9600gt video card 1 gig ram.
pionear dvd rom with latest krion firmware for xbox copying
pionear dvdrw
1 tb sata 2 maxtor hdd
1 256 gig sata 2 maxtor hdd
tv capture card
flopy drive
card reader
and so on, alll the usual stuff.
I offer an A500 with 512KB RAM upgrade (so it's got a whole MegaByte), Kick 1.3 (I think) and WB 1.3, with it's original power supply, mouse, and I'll even throw in a joystick. Oh, the A500 has a red power LED.
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