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Not including duplicates:

Sega Master System
Sega Master System 2
Sega Game Gear
Sega Megadrive
Sega Megadrive 2
Sega Genesis 3
Sega Multimega
Sega MegaCD
Sega MegaCD 2
Sega Saturn Mk 1
Sega Saturn Mk 2
Sega Dreamcast

Nintendo Gameboy Color in Display Case
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nintendo 64
Nintendo Game Cube (Black)
Nintendo Game Cube Limited Edition (Silver)
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo Wii

Microsoft Xbox (Loads of versions with various HDDs)
Microsoft Xbox 360 (60gb)

Commodore Amiga 500
Commodore Amiga 500+
Commodore Amiga 600
Commodore Amiga 1200 (030@50Mhz, 32MB Fast RAM)
Commodore CD32
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