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PC - Dell system with intel core 2 duo e6850 @3ghz, 4gb corsair ddr2 @800mhz, 512mb ati radeon hd 3870, ageia physx 128mb, 2x sata seagate barracuda's in raid 0 640gb, 2x sata cd/dvdrw drives etc....

Amiga 1200 with microbotics 8mb expansion including clock and 68882 fpu, 3.2gb ibm hard drive and a few joysticks, pads etc....

Amiga 500 with gvp hard drive and 4mb expansion (all in one). The a500 has been dead for a while but im waiting on another a500 to arrive anytime soon .

Amiga 600 standard 1mb version - getting rid of this soon!

Atari 520STfm - think its 512k version but not too sure?

Sega megadrive mk1 - jap version.
Sega megadrive first release uk mk1 system (the one with superior audio).
Sega megacd 2 - arriving this week - arrived
Sega Saturn original MK1.
Victor saturn (jap sega saturn).
Sega dreamcast.

Sony ps1 the original one with all the audio ports.
Sony ps2 original black fat one!
Sony Ps2 rare fat aqua version!
Sony psp limited final fantasy 7 edition.

Nintendo entertainment system (nes) original 8-bit console.
Super nintendo (snes) console.
Nintendo ds lite.

Neo geo cd - jap (its slow at loading but the games are great ).

Xbox 360 pro - still only got a 20gb HD - falcon revision with benq drive.

I have had other consoles in the past but sold them, i only keep the ones i actually like and play (will be selling an a600 with printer soon when it arrives). Just sold my laptop too.

and i think thats about it apart from the tons of games and controllers etc....

Edit: Sega megacd 2 arrived a while ago along with a 32X and have also acquired another Atari 520STfm as new with 1mb forgot to add small bits like my WonderSwan and Sony Pocketstation

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