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How to set polish catalog for EaglePlayer or other soft?

I'm newbie in Amiga stuff user and use only WinUAE and emulation, so I ask about that
So how to set Eagle Player 2.03 to use polish catalog files and display texts in Polish or
how to use catalog files at all? I want to made hdf file with EaglePlayer - at this moment I
test whole thing on directory mounted as harddisk. So in root of harddisk I made directory
Locale/Catalogs/english and placed *.catalog files like EP_Engine.catalog ant others there
but when I run EaglePlayer it is still in english. How to make Eagle Player in Polish. I seen
in startup-sequence lines like bellow, but I leave language as English (default) so these 3
lines are ignored. Do I have to switch SetEnv Language "english" to "polish"? Or for catalog
files is no matter which language is set? As far I remember under Workbench 3.1 I swich a
language to Polish by setenv command and copy EP_*.catalog to Locale/Catalogs/polski,
but EaglePlayer was still in English. Please help and explain me how to do it right? T.I.A.

  IF NOT $Language EQ "english"
    CD LOCALE:Catalogs/$Language
    C:LoadResource Sys/workbench.catalog Sys/libs.catalog Sys/prefs.catalog Sys/commodities.catalog Sys/utilities.catalog
    CD SYS:
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