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Pssst. The first Speccy game I ever saw and first home computer game I played. I was a little dude at my uncle's house. Every adult was watching a horror movie which I wasn't allowed to see so they put on the spectrum with this game. That evening I felt really in love with gaming.

Jetset willy and Manic Miner. I don't know how to explain it but those games in every aspect brings back memories of my early childhood, when everything was free of problems and was all about having fun.

Elite, but as I hate to say it, I played it on my terrible XT PC (which I later exchanged for an amiga 500). This game brings back so many memories. Played it for months and months while listening to Jarre's Oxygene album. Good times. My favourite all time game without a doubt.

Powermonger. Many freezing winter days I used to play this game which I never even completed, not even close. When I hear the animals barking and grunting my early teenage years flashes in my memory.

Dune. The music, the story, in a period of my life during a bloody hot summer, which wasn't the best period you can imagine, like a lot of my teenage years. Lot's of troubles around me between my parents. This game and Nirvana's Nevermind album resembles these days for me.

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