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Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
I don't want to ask on an atari forum... the poor deluded fools would recommend all sorts of rubbish that's better elsewhere!
I understand your point. This is a nice challenge.

It's the same with other 80s platforms & forums. Guys that grew up with a C64 will likely recommend blockbusters like Cinemaware games, Giana series, etc etc and think they are the best on C64, because they loved it when they got it and played it to bits on their comp.

The Amiga was the closest, in some cases far surpassing, real good games on consoles. So that means, for the most part, games were best on the Amiga. If you then ask for ST-only games that were best on all platforms, you're narrowing it down quite a bit

Looking at categories, action games will in general let you down. The only decent ones I can think of would be Bitmap Bros games, but all their games were ported and 'the best on neither'. They are good games tho.

If ST-only is not a must, go for non-scrollers and games with not a lot of action on-screen, ie not platformers/shooters. Flip-screen/Monkey Island style adventures, karate/sports games, vector games should all be fine (the last might have the most ST-only titles, seeing as vectors were usually done quite differently on ST and Amiga and no other platforms really had vector graphics).

Hope that gives some ideas, I was about to recommend Oids, the only one I could think of. And Super Sprint and Rally Challenge was good as well.
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