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Sensible Soccer - after being a KO2 fan, this didn't impress me at first, but then I got the hang of it and it grew to be the most played and one of the top three most loved games of all time (MI2 and FF7 being on first and second respectively).

Secret of Monkey Island - I had found the perfect genre. Back in the days, this game felt so incredibly huge and epic, and I've yet to discover that feeling again.

Elvira - well, I was impatiently waiting for my christening so I could spend the gift money on expanded memory, and Elvira was to be the first game I got.

Monkey Island 2 - the first original game I ever bought in my life, and I remember waiting a month for it to arrive. Then when I reached Booty Island, I couldn't enter the used shop, or whatever it was called - because I got a read/write error on disk 7. So I had to wait another couple of weeks, so I could get a new one. I still have the exact game, plus one extra copy.
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