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Prince of Persia - my first game I played on 16bit computer (at my mothers office, without sound) and I found the difference between shitty 8bit and 16bit. Before this I only read about "big" games.

SOTB 3 - I bought Amiga without expanded memory (they were out of stock) and I had to wait around two weeks for package. The only game that worked on 512kb was SOTB 3. I finished it and was proud of me After years I made a SOTB 3 soundtrack.

Street Fighter 2 - first game I played after memory had been delivered.
Next few years I played SF2 a lot, me and my brother played KO tournaments (with 7KIDS cheat), it was like ATP Tour :-)

Monkey Island 1 - third Amiga game I played, it was one of the biggest turn on in my gaming career. I spent about hour in Scumm bar, listening to the music and chatting with pirates, I've never seen something like that before. I play it regularly around Christmas, its tradition for me :-)
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