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ok Ive been thinking, as i will hope fully be meeting a few off you amiga guyes you might be able to help me out with a few things that I`m after.

so has any one got an amiga to vga adapter, dongle thingy, you know the thing that lets you desplay WB on a svga monitor, always wanted 1 but never got the chance to get 1, so if any 1 of you has one spare I`ll gladly buy you a pint for it..

Now I`ve got a Batterd A2000 that I`ve had since I started uni all those years ago, the fronts fallen off and its a real rat off a machine but its got a GVP Impact series II scsi/ram card with 8MB of ram and I think a 52MB HD I`ve also goto KS 2 chip in it, the only real thing that let`s it down is 512KB of chip ram

Anyhow this beast is taking up room that I haven`t realy got, now I don`t really want to sell it and I defiantly don`t want to post it anywhere but I want it to go to a good home and let me reclaim a bit of space.

Idealy In a lovely world where my pond water is always clear and it tastes like wine I`d have an accelerator card for my trusty A1200....
Just thought KS 3.1 for my 1200 would be nice as wel...........

So ideas thoughts, reasons why i sould post while smokeing on a friday nite, be good if we can swap some ami stuff at byte back, need a drink, so thanks for reading and ribbit

I have also just found REAL 3D User Manual, Beginners Version, is this of any use to any1 ?
have also got manual to GVP HC+8

Pics of a2000 in my album

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