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Originally Posted by sjakie43 View Post
That looks real nice Paranoid!

Can it be made bigger?not fullscreen but bigger than a thumbnail?

I have an original version at 960x600 but I resized it to 320x200 (if you're just seeing the tiny one in my post, click the image itself for the 320x200 image) because that was the size of some splashscreens for Gamebase 64.

Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
I'm not steeling your limelight
Oh, I fully expect someone to do better. Just had the idea and ran with it. Also, unless there's something peculiar with Gamebase 64, there can be multiple splashscreens that are picked at random, so the more the better. And that might be a good idea, really, to have nice big logos of demo scene groups with 'Demobase Amiga' on top of it, rather than my mashup of a bunch of them. So like each time you load Demobase Amiga you see a full splashscreen of a Fairlight logo, Scoopex, TRSI, Lemon, etc etc.

(Actually some in mine I think are logos of the demos themselves, not just groups, but I needed to fill some space and was just picking from the A.D.A. Like I said it was more the idea than my knowledge of Amiga demo history and/or Photoshop skills)
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