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Yep! I'm sure I can help you out with a splash screen, got loads 'n' loads of Demo logo's I could use for it,

check this one out that I remade late last year

and that is a little taster of what I can do

btw. The EAB xmas Logo (top left) was also semi-created by me, with RCK's original logo spruced up a bit and TCD's evil snowman added we seem to have successfully gave EAB the Xmas spirit, even though it's nearly march

Edit: What res would you like it, what format would you like it, what aspect ratio would you like it and I need a taster of the background colour you're using for the main site, that way the background colour of the splash screen will match and blend in to the main colour of the web page

I'm not steeling your limelight, if Sjakie43 is happy with your splashscreen you're welcome

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