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Roll eyes (sarcastic) Competition Pro Joystick...

...ok, so I'm probably going to be on my own here but:

Why for the love of God does anybody rate these bloody nasty joysticks???

You see all I hear about on retro forums is how good / robust / accurate / nice to use these things are while I have distinct memories of mis-timed jumps & sore hands after just a few miniutes use.

Why am I ranting now?

Well, my sister-in-law is about to have her 40th & she wanted her speccy set-up for a retro-games corner for her party...
...after a few conversations along the lines of 'No, I won't set your spectrum up for the party because nobody will want to play with it after 20-40 mins of waiting to load any game + joystick interface wobble making it crash every five miniutes' I finally got my way:
SFF PC hidden behind monitor running speccy emulator while speccy sits in front for 'display'.

Good, fine.
'Can I use my joystick with the emulator?' she said.
'Ah, maybe not' I said. 'But I'll buy you a USB one.'

Anyway one Speedlink CP purchase later & all is runninig quite nicely - even got the PC routed though a telly for more authenticity. But my God! The unhappy memories have come back...
...hands hurting after a few miniutes & games I'm usually good at are now nearly impossible to play...
...oh, and maybe not the design's fault but I had to rebuild the bloody thing as it was so badly nailed together...

...I think I'll stick with my BUG - shame there aren't any USB ones, but at least there are adaptors.

Ahhh, glad to have gotten that off my chest.

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