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The only person I know who has successfully done this is Motorollin over at and Toni Wilen here.

You need to use the tools created by the excellent Doobrey, ROMSplit and Remus.

Start with a regular A1200 KS3.1 v40.68 ROM (assuming you want to make A1200 KS3.9) which you split into separate components.

Then you combine them back into a ROM but replacing any files you like with the ones from romupdates in OS3.9/BB2 (or elsewhere).

If you want to go beyond 512Kbytes (i.e. use 2x27C400's for 1Mbyte) I think you will need to use a new EXEC and perhaps some patches.

Discuss it with Doobrey he's usually in a talkative mood.

Make a really cool guide when you're done

P.S. Your ROM's should work in WinUAE for you to test before burning...
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