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Originally Posted by Anding View Post
OK - wait for it: Monkey Island Chess!

Chessboard drawn on the same perspective as the typical game scenes. Game background behind the chessboard. Chess pieces are MI characters and they walk across the chessboard when a move is made. 1 player (vs computer) and 2 player. Make some changes to the pallete of the piece colours for the two sides (e.g. one side is more 'blue', other side is more 'red'). Pieces as follows:
King - LeChuck
Queen - H0m0 Stan
Knight - Skeleton first mate from LeChuck's ship
Rook - Meathook
Bishop - Three headed monkey
Pawns - Cannibals

Looking forward to it!
Ok, first of all, thanks for the idea , second: I HATE chess :P, so will never make a chess game.... third: I want ideas for mini games, that means (to me) games you can complete in matter of minutes or in a very short time to compete with scores. So, must be "mini" games, so people don't have to play for a long time to beat a score to get their name on the highscore table.

Edit: update my first post

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