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Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
I think there was a game on the c64 with similar or the same gameplay? was it called tapper or something?

Monkey Island mini games would be great!

A monkey island themed beat em up would be cool fight through all the characters and of course, lechuck would be the final boss! each with their own weapons and hilarious finishers - Murray the demonic skull from monkey 3 can make an appearance... now who could refuse playing as him? biting and headbutting whilst hurling abuse

Try using different style graphics such as the ones used in the old Mortal Kombat games? or that could potentially ruin the feel of the game

anyway it was just a simple, basic, rough idea
Can't do any of that, as I need the gfx... there are no fist fighting gfx from monkey island etc... will only use gfx from monkey island to do these games. Just taking mortal kombat characters and replacing their heads with monkey island chars is easy, but MI and MK gfx differs too much and would just look lame.

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
In the name of all the members of the Monkey Island Embassy here on the board I say : HELL YES!!!
The beer delivery idea in the original SCUMM bar for MI1 sounds really good. I would say the beer dispenser is located at the kitchen door (guess this one is quite obvious ). Maybe you can also include a three headed monkey that steals a beer from GT sometimes
Great idea IC and looking forward to see and play it

Edit : Oh please only use GFX from MI1 (and maybe MI2) of course
Would be np to use the 3 headed monkey, as that one do EXIST in the game... so, would be easy to make him steal beer ... and it's best to use ONLY MI1 gfx for a game, or ONLY MI2 gfx for another game.. combining them two into one won't look good, as MI2's GFX is way different than MI1.

I WANT ALOT MORE OF IDEAS FOR DIFFERENT GAMES USING MI GFX! :P (not too many showing any interest so far)
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