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Originally Posted by Anding View Post
>>> you play as Guybrush, your task is to walk around and fetch beer to the pirates

Ironclaw, this sounds risky. These pirates have been at sea for weeks and now they are back on shore getting drinks brought to them by handsome young Guybrush. Isn't he in danger of being on the wrong end of some g&y attention??? Maybe that could be part of the game - GT needs to avoid turning around near the most drunk pirates or he gets !%%^(((@ed!!!
Yeah, you must always walk away from them, FACING them, or it could be trouble for poor GT :P

Originally Posted by Anding View Post
How about a minigame at sea between GT's ship and LeChuck's, firing and trying to sink each other?
mmm, I would love to make something at sea, very nice scenery.. but like I said in my first post, I need details... what gfx to use, how the game would work etc.... so, if u ever wanna see your idea become reality, give me full details.... like, when GT stands on the mountain thingy with rocks, where he does something and rocks shoots away hitting a banana tree.. that sceene there where you can also see the ocean, maybe the fight could be on the ocean on that part of the sceen?... hmm, maybe too short.. and we need suitable gfx for the ships too, and view points... there might be suitable ones somewhere.. like when you are shot away from the cannon on the ship, you see the side view of the ship.. there is ONE ship view/size we could maybe use..

like I said.. DETAILS .. what gfx etc.... or point me to the sceenshots on HOL if u want to show me what to use.
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