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Want to see a cool Monkey Island 1 or 2 game?

Quick update with some rules (could be mentioned in my text below, donno, forgot what I wrote :P)

1. You have to give game suggestions of MINI games, that means games that only takes 1-4 mins or so to complete, so each player don't have to spend too much time to compete for highscore positions.

2. You need to point me in the direction or tell me what graphics to use (show pictures from HoL or whatever). Must be from any of the MI games ONLY, no outside GFX.

3. The game can't have GFX from both MI 1 and 2, must be from ONE of them only (don't want to mix GFX from them both)

4. I need as much details as possible; how the game works, what gfx to use, where those gfx could be located in the game so I know where to rip them.

5. Too little info; ie "You have to burn down as many cannibal huts as you can in 1 minute" = FAIL. The reason to fail is; Are there animation of huts burning in the game?, or anything burning I could use?, where are these located so I can rip them?, how would the game work? would new huts spawn when the ones burnt down was... burnt down?, how would that look like?, what background should I use? what tune?... etc

I CAN MAKE ANYTHING POSSIBLE... JUST NEED A SOLID, COOL AND FUN GAME IDEA (to make me motivated to make this game... already got one, my Scumm Bar game... but want at least one more)

Ok, this is Flash ofc, only shit I know how to use :P

SO... I want to make a new mini game (got several in the works, but want to start one something new :P, yeah, I know).

I got SEVERAL ideas for Monkey Island 1 and 2 mini games, the one I like the most and will create (if I don't get any nice suggesions) is a SCUMM BAR game:

The bar will have the ordinary pirares in it, you play as Guybrush, your task is to walk around and fetch beer to the pirates. Could be really fun :P, if you just knew how it would look and play.... which I do, but in my head.. a bit on how it would work:

1. The scene is the entire bar (one big scrolling screen, and the kitchen)
2. Lots of nice animations like the guy spinning around on the chandelier thingy on the roof, pirates moving arms, heads and stuff (if the original don't have it, I'll make it, but only tiny things), dog moving etc.
3. The BAR scene, which is wide, will scroll with the player (for more depth and it will work just like in the original) cuz I think that's nicer than making the game screen like 1000 pixles wide, now it will be standard 640 wide instead (always doing my games in double of original res).
4. You will move the char (Guybrush ofc) with the cursor keys, and use space to pick up and hand over beer (think you will get the beer from the kitchen).
5. The game will of course have a highscore system so people can show off who's the best. Guess it would work like: You bring beer to as many as you can, till you have missed too many customers, ie; more and more over time will want beer, you can only deliver oh so many, sooner or later you can't keep up and the pirate who didn't get his beer from, let's say 20 sec after he yelled for it is STRIKE ONE.. you got like 5 till it's GAME OVER...
6. Not 100% sure I'll do exactly like the above, it's just something I quickly came up with.
yada yada yada

So, if you got a GREAT idea for a Monkey Island mini game, please post them, and you MUST include as much details as possible, on how stuff will work, what GFX could be used.... or I would have to think up alot of it myself and that would just delay the game by ALOT. So, just saying "A game doing something in the circus tent" doesn't cut it . Need DETAILS.


PS, think I'll use the GFX from the PC version, more colors.
PS2, look at HOL screenshots for inspiration (prefer monkey island 1 though)

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