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Originally Posted by Chuck-Rock-Jnr View Post
Many people are shocked that there is someone as young as 16 on here
I was only a couple of years older than you (17/18?) when I first joined EAB. All of my peers were into the latest gaming hardware; the Playstation 2 and Xbox, but I wanted to return to simpler times when you could put 10-20 minutes into a game instead of investing 20-40 hours or more.

I grew up with an Amiga 500 during the Megadrive/SNES console war and it developed my computer skills. Games were provided as copied floppies by my older brothers (my favourite was the Lemmings/Skid Row cracktro, you know the one ). I remember being sad when we had to sell it in 1995 and move on to Apple Macs (an LC575 to be exact) but then I discovered Bungie's Marathon and forgot all about the Amiga.

Fast forward a few years and I discovered emulation (my first thought being: "wow, I can play Sonic on my computer!") but there were no good Amiga emulators for Mac computers (MacUAE was dreadfully inadequate). So I found an old A1200 and set it up with ClassicWB and WHDLoad with the help of this forum <3 and rediscovered all the games I had missed, plus a few new ones I had never played before.

Unfortunately I couldn't keep the A1200, but E-UAE became a worthy alternative for OS X Macs. Last year I bought my first Windows machine (an Eee PC 1000H netbook for Uni) so now I can finally use WinUAE (and DeliPlayer for music) and see what I was missing.

Nowadays if you want to keep up with the latest games, you have to be prepared to spend a premium, either on console or computer hardware. The great thing about retro gaming is that it is cheap, cheerful and nostalgic. Rock on.
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