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Well, 200Mb partition is now running with classic wb lite by Bloodwych but I'm still facing challenges .

Originally Posted by Chain View Post
my old FAQ (, 2005 yuck im getting old)
2. unpack scsi43_23 archive and add "loadv43module a000.ld.strip reboot"
at first line of s:startup-sequence
Unpack archive to where? DEVS?
scsi43_23 archive name is SCSI_IDE43_23.lha, right?

3. patch thar beta varning "patchstrip a000.ld.strip a000.ld.patched"
this command fails maybe you meant it as pseudo command? There are no such file in archive called a000.ld.strip. My config has A1200.

Archive (SCSI_IDE43_23.lha) includes:
a300.ld.strip A1200 IDE
a600.ld.strip A600 IDE
a1000.ld.strip A4000[T] IDE
a4000t.ld.strip A4000T SCSI
scsidisk.ld.strip A3000[T]

For A1200 command might be a300.ld.strip a000.ld.patched (with this patchstrip returned Patch succesful.)

4. some renaming: a000.ld.strip > a000.ld.beta, a000.ld.patched > a000.ld.strip
I renamed a300.ld.strip -> a300.ld.beta and a300.ld.patched -> a000.ld.strip

Workbench was reseted and now it just informs me "LoadV43Module failed returncode 20". LoadV43Module is copied in C and DEVS and startup-sequence first line is "LoadV43Module a000.ld.strip reboot". a000.ld.strip is located in devs: and c:

5. replace hdtoolbox with unpacked hdinsttools
Copied to separate folder. Maybe uaehf.device should be used because I'm running this on WinUAE currently and scsi.device when using real A1200.

6. unpack snartfilesystem archive sfs.lha
unpack to where? all the contents? (classic wb seems to contain sfs already, but this is still interesting how to install it

7. add filesystem SFS/0 from l: smartfilesystem with hdinsttools
How? I added it with Add and when adding it, it announced it as Fast file system international, there are 3 parameters that can be modified. Formatting HD seems to work with FFS international (partition size was only 3.6Gb in this case). I will try 8Gb cards on later phase.

Edit: Some updates.

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