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The best game is dificult to pick almost every one of them just when they was realised has been the greatest for me
But now afther all this years i think i had most fun playing;
-Ambermoon<always wanted to play it,and just got my hands on it like 2 years ago and it was great>
-Crystal Dragon
-Fate<never finished it trying to do this now on uae>
-It would be also Blade of destiny and M&M III if not the enormous amount of disk>
-Legends1 dunno if second part was on amiga
-Hero quest and Legend of Sorasil
-DM,CSB<any1 here menage to open death pit,or get in there somehow?>
-Moonstone<dunno if it can be counted as a rpg>
-EOB 1,2<just to play third part i bought pc>
-Wizardry VI
-Shadowlands<anyone know how to get inside pyramid?,its some kind of bonus location i never discover how to get in>
-Black Crypt

But the winner is:
3-Crystal Dragon
All this 3 games never has been realised on any other platform.

And haven seen anyone here mention ADOM, i never played it on amiga ,but im almost sure thers amiga version

If we count all votes DM prolly will be a winer,so i want to show u smth
You can find here DM,CSB,DM2 as a package for xp provided with many new futures.

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