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Commodore through and through me. I did used to have my older brothers Spectrum 48k for a while in the mid 80s but soon wanted a C64. Didn't really delve too deep into that, just gaming and a bit of basic programming. Amiga beckoned in 1991. The same bro had moved from Spectrum to ST back to Spectrum and then Amiga. I was obviously influenced by that but do think I'd have ended up on the Amiga. I've always been attracted to interests/music etc that has loyal following totally by coincidence/fate (not sure which one to believe!).

I got an A500 1991 Christmas, 3 days later I had an A500+ due to the A500 having a fault. A1200 in 1994 right up until 1999 when I got my first PC. Mainly through costs it took me ages to get a Mac. But that's where I shall be staying.

A1200 holds those special memories for me. Years of Octamed use, demoscene activity and gaming. It's now used just for old games and demos.
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