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Originally Posted by Ironclaw View Post
I would maybe buy a Minimig if it had AGA support and and were a bit cheaper.

PS: This message have a subliminal message, can u spot it?

Most of the A500 games are WHDified (it means they work on A1200)
Most of the A500 games that are not WHDified work under WinUAE
Most of the A1200 games work on A1200
Most of the Amiga gamers own A1200
Most of the Amiga gamers without A1200 use WinUAE
Rest of tha Amiga gamers without A1200 (like me) plan spend their money on brand new A1200 from amigakit
Win UAE is free and A1200 is must have if you wanna own AMIGA

This post is stupid, I go to bed, husband is unpatient. Kiss kiss
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