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Picking up this thread again
"Putting Amiga away for a Minimig " - Im near by doing this. Minimig is very interesting to me (fpga coding) and against some/many opinion acting VERY nativ on CRT screen. You really dont see or feel any difference to any real A500 on the same screen (smooth scrolling unlike any software emulator).

Certainly there are still some chipset bugs left but that can and will be fixed! Im right now busy by finding them out and also adding some (useful?) features to the core, such as scanline emulation.
Also PICs firmware will be improved to provide more functions. Currently Im testing a beta release that support different fpga core file (.bin) by OSD choice. I also helped porting FPGA64 (C64) and we have a well working VIC20 core too. Additional some other little things like MiniPong etc.

Minimig become very valuable to me, it is a new piece of Amiga hardware with a free and programmable chipset. No other Amiga model is able to offer that! This also means grow and development to the chipset, no depending in static hardware or (bad) working manufacturer only driven by the gain of $$.

Since many weeks Minimig is the only active Amiga here to play with and/or watch ECS demo. Sure the A4000 is also running, but not that often as the real Amiga500.

And please throw away the idea of (uae) emulation, Minimig is NOT an emulator but a simulator. Little differnce of words, big difference in effect

(sorry for imperfect english... Im german and try as best as possible)

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