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Hi Dale,

Over the weekend, I downloaded the QNX 6.3.0 eval ISO image from the OpenQNX Community Portal. This completes the set of disks I had intended to download when I registered for an account there.

I burned it to CD-R and installed it on my 1GHz PIII machine today. The installer was quite happy to accept the perpetual licence key I requested for version 6.4. It is indeed a single-stage process as suggested on the OpenQNX forum. However, when this had completed and I attempted to install the AmigaOS XL emulator from the CD repository, I was prevented from doing so because of "unresolved dependencies".

I have come across a similar warning previously while installing QNX 6.2.1. At the point where it asked that the CD be removed to enable the system to be rebooted from the hard drive, I decided to try skipping the second stage installation of the 'enhancements' and straighaway attempt the installation of AmigaOS XL, figuring that I could insert the QNX CD and add the rest later.

However, this was not possible because the Software Installer refused to install the AmigaOS XL package because of "unresolved dependencies". So it was necessary to install the 'enhancements' before the application after all. Nevertheless, as you already know, the emulator, once installed, would not then run properly.

There does not seem to be a way round the "unresolved dependencies" of the AmigaOS XL package with QNX v6.3.0.

The QNX version 6.4 installer uses a default partition type 179, but will allow you to choose a partition type 79 if you wish to use the QNX 4 filesystem used in QNX 6.2.x and 6.3.x. However, although QNX 6.1.x (the only version with which I have had AmigaOS XL both installed and running) also uses the partition type 79, it is not clear what filesystem it uses.

The "Power-Safe" filesystem used by QNX 6.4 in conjunction with the partition type 179 might be what is causing the Software Installer to be missing from the QNX 6.4 desktop.

My next step will be to install QNX 6.4 into a partition type 79 to ensure that the installation is compatible with the QNX 4 filesystem.

Also, I will check the QNX 6.1 CD that was bundled with AmigaOS XL against the OpenQNX 6.1 ISO image burned to CD to see if they are indeed identical.

If the problem of installing AmigaOS XL on later versions of QNX persists, the only option left that I can see is to update a fully functioning QNX 6.1/AmigaOS XL installation using the CD repository packages found on the later versions of the QNX installation and boot CDs, and hope that the QNX features on which the AmigaOS XL emulation depends will be preserved.

Incidentally, Dale, have you managed to get AmigaOS XL installed on QNX 6.1 yet, or are you not interested in doing so?

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