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Originally Posted by Chuck-Rock-Jnr View Post
I have been requested to tell my story,

Im 16 born 1992, and around that year, my dad was given an amiga a500+ which we still own today in full working order! My dad needed a home computer to manage files, he worked for an english company called wessex dairies, in the offices, he also bought games, most of them pirate from carboot sales , I was very little at the time, and my dad got me into gaming, being little, my favourite game was chuck rock 2! then i grew to love games such as the amazing CHAOS ENGINE, ALIEN BREED, Magic pockets,cannon fodder, final fight and turrican 2. as most where pirates, they had cool cracktros and cheats, so i used them if games got tough

Many people are shocked that there is someone as young as 16 on here, well, the amiga was something I grew up with and will always be in my heart with many happy childhood memories, I can even remember liking the amiga more than pc...

Wessex Dairies, no longer exists as a company, so my dad had to move on, but we still have the humble amiga in our home!

I think i was born 20 years to early, I would hve loved to experience the 80s too, I love New wave/New romantic/Punk music

I <3 Commodore
great story. Is the amiga a secret love or do your friends know?
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