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A1200:Prism2:Miamidx> DNS problems

I am trying to get my A1200 hooked up to the internet, I have the following..

>A1200 with 4mb Accelarator
>A compatable wireless card ( Linksys WPC11 802.11b PCMCIA)
>Prism2 drivers installed in Devs/Networks Directory
>MiamiDX correctly installed
>Aweb browser

So using shell (and also adding it to my startup file) I type in the setprismdefaults something like..

-setprismdefaults SSID mynet TEXTKEY textkeyhere12

Now I use the MiamiInit setup to configure the Prism2 driver, all seems fine untill it attempts to connect to my DNS server, I get a 'cannot connect to DNS server' type error.

However if I continue with the rest of the setup and Start MiamiDX with the above config..
>I can ping my router and other PC set up on the same network from the A1200
>I can Ping my Amiga from my PC

When I start Aweb and try hitting a website I get the Website not found error (Or something to that affect) I assume this is because my DNS is not set up?

Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
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