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Pretty simple for me. I am not great with dates but this is how I remember it. I was always into tech, audi, video, gaming etc. I remember Commodore PET computers in school as well as a friends Ti99a etc. One day a freind to me to his friends house. He had a full A1000 setup, it was displying a game, I THINK it was the Running Man. Immediately I noticed the beautiful animation, stereo sound, I asked questions about it, he then flicked a switch on the monitor displaying images from his VCR tuner, to me that was INCREDIBLE! I asked more questions as he pulled out a huge box of floppy disks with hundreds of programs/games. I could not believe a machine like this existed let alone I had never heard of it. Bottom line, I researched, bought magazines, compared and saw NOTHING ot compare with it's features. I swear, even though we have far surpassed this today nothing amazes me or gives me such awe as the day I first laid eyes on that A1000 setup, I often wondered what would of happened if my friend never brought me over to this fellows place, I am thankful to this day!
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