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Originally Posted by keropi View Post
plus when burning the games you get to archive them too
Copying to the HD in the xbox is archiving them. Plus the HD is likely to outlive most DVD media. Extra advantages are you can store 10's of games on one HD and no need to get up and swap discs.

Right now I can only boot a dashboard called xboxdash.xbe from C: (to get evox for example I must rename it)
That is a feature of the BIOS stored in your 29-wire mod. You may as well use XBMC as your dashboard and use the special LINK file included with every XBMC release (in _tools) which replaces xboxdash.xbe and redirects to E:/APPS/XBMC/default.xbe

I have tried to use the softmod install of the DVD but it asks for some savegame files or something on E: that I do not have... anyone knows an installer that can install a softmod bios on my current xbox?
No need to softmod, you've got a hardmod!!!
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