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Jeeze guys, I am new round here but anybody would think we had reason to argue with each other.

I dont know how to classify my interest in amiga, or if it serves any purpose? I just like good games, and I like to play those games on the original hardware over emulation. I like to do this because I am lazy and like to sit (lie down on sofa) and play games these days than sit at my desk at my laptop or PC. I didnt have a miggy for years because they were robbed, but continued to use my commodre 64's, eventually using my laptop as the data device. I have not got into the demoscene on either C64 or amiga and I have never played new games, just the old ones i loved and still want to play - believe me there are plenty I dont want to play.
There is no date on good games for me, if somebody wants to class me as a retro gamer then so be it.

It would be nice if the amiga hardware could end up being owned by the community though. Since i have been around here I have seen so much hardwork done by people that it might as well belong to them
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