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I had a spectrum and wanted a new computer (in 1992) I thought about getting an archimeded for school work, then an ST as they were cheap but an amiga was seen as the deluxe posh computer that was amazing........

After pleading with parents i got a lovely A500+ and thank god i did!

Best gaming years of my life, animation, octamed, painting, AMOS, genlock, oh and did i mention some of the best games ever in the history of the world! lol

Amiga SWOS to this day is sheer perfection and hasnt been improved on since.

In `95 i got a 150mb HD A1200 and that was a great leap up with an `060 card and 4mb of ram. Did EVERYTHING i wished my A500+ could.

Id never sell any of my amigas, the money gained would not be worth parting with a dear friend.
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