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Well i used to buy tape games for my 48K from a local shop.

One day i went to the store after a three long months absence, when suddently i saw it! I had 11 or 12 years old. It was 1988.
I knew i had to have that A500.
Ask father to buy one but my father fastly replied that he couldnt afford it since he was already paying for a new Color TV and a VCR.
So i had to stick to my good old Spectrum with 450 game tapes.
I used to go to the shop often with the "buy new tapes excuse", but i only used to stare at the games and demos the guy was always playing in the A500.
I waited until 1990, until my father decided to buy me the Amiga, the guy at the store was already tired of me anyway...nice chap though...very patient...
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