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@ Blade002 and Akira

Wait! Hey guys come on...its all cool really! No need to get upset!

I use my Amiga 1200 as i use my Pc´s...well...sort of...i´ll try my best to explain:

Amiga games are unique, so they are never too old for me, its like Jules Vern books,his tales were written long time ago, but i still enjoy reading them from time to time.
I´ve learned to accept my Amiga limitations, i see it for what it truly means to me.
C64 and Amiga are both great, nostalgic or not they represent a part of our lives that will NEVER return again (like it or not)...Just read the "Confess your sins thread" i recall doing many of the things posted there.
Thats what i meant when i said it was a symbol of "our" (mine) rebel youth!
When i said it was "a way of life", well ... just mind this, what unites us in here?
Different languages, different countries, but hell, we all make an effort to post often and try to keep EAB alive somehow...if this isnt a way of life, i really dont know what a way of life really is...

Its cool guys your the best!
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