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I assume you get the ntsc option with alternative dashboards?
Google for Enigmah PAL-NTSC Switcher (I'm sure that there are alternatives to this)

This is an alternative softmod to NDURE which can permanently change your xbox to HD for all game titles and apps. While I've never used it, I'm sure some friends used this.

s it me, or 30% of the backups u can get nowdays are pure coasters?
Not had a coaster in many years. (Although the quality of the original content of some releases are questionable)

I've always;
  • bought Pioneer DVD writers (arguably the best),
  • used the latest firmware for the drive,
  • used a reputable brand of DVD-/+R dye (Taiyo Yuden or RiTek G05),
  • burned at the recommended media speed, not too fast OR too slow,
  • installed the latest ASPI,
  • Used a LEGITIMATE version of burner software (no cracks)
  • Stuck with a version of burner software that works (IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT)

You'd be surprised at how many coasters for me in the past turned out to be the burner software realising that it had been cracked

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