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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
This has nothing to do with RETRO or NOSTALGIA. The demoscene happens today and every production is made and thought today, and doens't want to "relive old memories".

With this in mind, it's not apples and oranges ay all. Both C64 and ZX Spectrum have a bigger, more active, more prolific scene producing demos, games and tools, without a hint of nostalgia at sight. The Amiga is a computer of the same category (old), and there's a shitload of stuff to do with it, and probably a lot of limitations to break, but hardly anyone does it.

If you don't see the zealots, you haven't kept up with "Amiga" news for the past 10 years
I don't think a discussion is going to get far with this, but I did want to clear up a few points. The C64 itself is, by definition, retro. Also, I said it was a first. Comparing 8 and 16 bit is apples and oranges. And, really, just because a demo is new doesn't mean it wasn't made by someone that's feeling nostalgic. They certainly aren't using the 64 because it is cutting edge technology.

And I said I didn't see the "zealots that allow it to live on with their blatant lies." I also said fanatics have been around since its conception so I don't see how you made that leap.

I think the problem we're having is you're reading things rather selectively.
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