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I had a commodore C64 that I was totally mad about and loved. I had read about the Amiga and was planning to save for one and get one once there was lots of games being developed. I went round my cousins and he had a friend round who had brought hos a500 round and they were playing North and South. That was it i was hooked, I was a house husband at the time, my then misses worked and i stayed at home and it took me ages to save up for one and i eventually got a brand spanking new A500+ cartoon classics pack. Those were the days - misses worked and i stayed at home doing a bit of cleaning then played games all day. Later I started working and got a A600 then virtualy strait after a 1200. then they all got robbed when we were burgled. I played emulated miggy games on my GP2X untill I got a new 1200 at christmas.
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