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Originally Posted by seuden View Post
There is a list on UG's "Home of the Underdogs memorial archive" wiki.
Then why not post directly a link here.

Originally Posted by seuden View Post
Thanks for the tip on the downloadable stuff, I was unaware that it was available on IRC.
I don't know if everything is still available, but I don't see why not.
Well, in the far distant past, IRC was often used to circumvent the various server problems HOTU have had.
Some old list of channels (for Efnet) I found:
#aw, #abandongames, #abandonware, #oldgames, #classicsgames, iso-classics, #pcoldies

Old list as I said, so maybe some of them disappeared/moved to another server.

Edit: I think my Blackthorne version comes from there. Not sure, but I also believe hotu was where I got the rip of Get Medieval ( is a bit too long to load right now, I'll look later or when the list on the wiki is finished)
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