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One of my friends at school told me about the Amiga in around late 1990 before Christmas.

He had an Atari ST FM at the time and he wanted me to get one of those - however, his uncle had just bought the Amiga 500 Batman pack and I remember him quite vividly telling me how his uncle thought it was great

So without even playing on a 500 I bought one for Christmas that same year. Had to sell my Master System to part fund it - it was not cheap at £360. My friend was annoyed at me! Silly Atari users

Over the years I bought loads of expansions for it and finally got a 1200 in the summer of 1993 part exchanging my 500 for it. It was kind of a mistake as a lot of games for my 500 never worked on the 1200 back then... however, I did get into a lot of the AGA stuff at the time and kept hold of the Amiga until 1999 when I got rid of everything at Cash Convertors. God, what an idiot

Then, 2 or 3 years later I bought a CD32 and the rest is history (see sig). I will probably get a 1200 sometime this year too...
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