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How did you get hooked; and why?

G'day all

Have you ever thought back in time and wondered to yourself how and why you got hooked on Amiga stuff? Other than being the best machine back in its days, what else was it that attracted you to the wonderful Amiga ?

As for myself, I was introduced to the Amiga by a mate who had bought himself a bran spanking new A500 and all we ever did was play boulderdash and marble madness...... Those were the days !!!

I waited some time before I got my first A500, and although it was second-hand, my 1084S was NEW !! When the 500 was not enough, I bough a brand new 1200 with its magical 40Meg drive. And from there it's history.

My first modem was a blistering 1200 baud (amazing.. hey) which took a whole day to d/l what only takes seconds these days.

It has always been fun, and it continues to be heaps of fun, and thanks to many friends here at EAB and here in Australia through the years, I have heaps of s/w to keep me going for a lifetime.

Why would you have anything else?

What I still own:
2x A1200
1x A2000
2x A600

What about you?

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